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Always looking for new places, The Foodalist visited recently the brand new veggie spot near Flagey: AMI.

Forget about the murky dusty side of some other vegetarian restaurants. AMI has chosen to offer “enlightened vegetarianism”: a healthy and sexy cuisine that should please to vegetarians as well as healthy meat lovers. 

The specialty is the burger topped with a tasty veggie patty, and declined in many different ways: classic (tomatoes, spring onions, wheat salad, mustard, ketchup), Swiss (Swiss cheese, spring onions, wheat salad, mustard, ketchup), forest (comté, mushrooms, spinach), Italian (mozzarella, basil, arugula) and Mexican (guacamole, red onion, arugula). You will also find many other kinds of sandwiches and toasts on the menu.

I was seduced by AMI lunch menu: a burger, a toast or 1/2 sandwich accompanied by a fresh soup. Having chosen a peas soup and a Swiss burger, I loved my healthy and cute lunch.

Before leaving AMI, try out a delicious cookie made by Bake or a melting pastel de nata from Forcado.

Yes, as I told you, AMI has good taste!

I love:

  1. The vegetarian spot, not gloomy at all;
  2. To eat a lot of vegetables after a few days of junk food;
  3. That AMI is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

The Foodalist’s tip:

The burgers are quite small. Order two pieces per person if you want your boyfriend to be seduced by the concept too.


Lesbroussart street, 13
1050 Brussels
02 646 88 41
Open Monday to Saturday from 12am to 3pm
From Thursday to Saturday from 6pm to 9pm

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