Couvert couvert - Brussels

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A beautiful address close to Brussels.

For who?

A man looking for fresh author cuisine.

With who?

His designer friend to share the aesthetic of the moment.

My feeling?

Couvert couvert is part of a charming family history. Since very young, its chefs Vincent and Laurent were bathed in good tastes thanks to a fine cook mom. Both trained in pastry, Vincent has gradually oriented himself to the salted part of the menu, as Laurent took care of the desserts.

Once I entered into this design and uncluttered place next to Brussels, I was charmed by the pure dishes and the peaceful place. In the plate, the melon served with fresh anise, and the cod brandade with bottarga, potato and pistachio emulsion perfectly reflected the original and aesthetic character of these two warm brothers.

With a touch of freedom, the Breton Lobster with raw almond, hazelnut butter, eggplant caviar and tabbouleh with Corinth grapes showed their world inspirations very well, without falling into vulgarity.

Regarding desserts, they have literally conquered me. The deliciously crunchy palm cracker and the chocolate fondant with caramel ice cream are strong memories that still echo in me… Through fair portions, I felt a lot of spontaneity and balance in the brothers’s cuisine.

I loved:

  1. The interior design;
  2. The soft precision of the different tastes;
  3. The beauty of the plates;
  4. Desserts to die for.

Couvert couvert

Sint-Jansbergsesteenweg, 171
3001 Heverlee

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