Cowfish Burger RESTAURANT - Brussels

Because we are often looking for a nice little place to eat a burger on the run, I introduce you today to Cowfish Burger restaurant.

The concept is simple, first you choose the meat: Beef (Blanc bleu belge) – Chicken (farm Chicken) – Fish (Breaded Cod from North Sea) – Veggie.

Then you choose your style:

The Classic (Iceberg salad, onions, pickles, cheddar)

The Belgian (Iceberg salad, endives, caramelized onions, Herve cheese)

The Smoky (Roquette salad, quince jam, Maredsous cheese)

Le Forestier (Roquette salad, white mushrooms and young bean sprouts)

Tuscan (radicchio, grilled vegetables and mozzarella di Buffala)

Jap (shiitake, nori, sesame)

Texas (Iceberg, Guacamole, corn, cheddar, jalapeno)

And finally you choose your side order: Coleslaw, young shouts or wheat salad-chicory.

All this is served with fries, which you can savory top with the 100% Belgian Ketjep, Mayo and Dallas sauces.

The atmosphere is cozy and nice, and the prices reasonable.

This is a good spot to have a quick bite, before the movie at Cinéma de la Toison d’or at 9pm.

Cowfish Burger

Pépin street, 39

1000 Brussels

Open Wednesday to Saturday from 6.30 pm to 11 pm

+32 2 514 28 00