De Superette - Ghent

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In Ghent, in Hofstraat street.


A modern bakery where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner in a relaxed and homy atmosphere.

For who?

A hipster in need of comfort food.

With whom?

With his trendy buddies, who do not want to end up broke.

My feeling?

After opening In De Wulf restaurant and De Vitrine bistro, Kobe Desramaults has converted this former supermarket in a different bakery with the help of Green Rose and Sarah Lemke, a Wisconsin baker.

The result?

A simple and easy place, where every detail reports to the authentic pleasures.

Like in his other restaurants, Kobe has managed to sprinkle on De Superette his love of nature and of local flavors and to build a unique place that does not follow the trend.

That day, I shared a delicious deconstructed beef tartare and a smoked chicken curry sandwich while some tattooed young women were enfourning breads in the huge oven.

The service?

Feminine and welcoming.

The must? 

Raisin and coriander bread.

What I love?

  1. The authenticity and simplicity of the kitchen;
  2. The nostalgic and welcoming atmosphere;
  3. The transformation of the bread dough into delicious pizzas, at dinner time;
  4. To enjoy a brunch with a lemonade on the terrace in summer.

De Superette

29, Guldenspoorstraat
9000 Ghent
Open Wednesday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm and from 6.30 to 10pm

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