Hertog Jan - Bruges

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A few minutes away from Bruges, you will find a modern gastronomy institution: Hertog Jan.

Two years ago, I had the chance to taste Gert De Mangeleer’s cuisine and he completely conquered me. When I came back recently to visit his new location a few miles away, I was again overwhelmed by his amazing cuisine.

Hertog Jan is the kind of places where decoration fits perfectly with the plate. When I entered this modern space, the sweetness of the music and the great service took me out of time. On each table, the refinement of every detail already put me in a condition to enjoy the unique experience that was coming from the kitchen.

Gert De Mangeleer, 37 year old and already 3 michelin stars, has a strong particularity: he is able to make me enjoy what I don’t specifically like. Mixing brilliantly earth and sea ingredients, he made me adore a simple plate only composed of vegetables and flowers.

Throughout his tasting menu, the chef impressed me by the perfection of his adjustments and the subtlety of the flavours such as in the potato, coffee and mimolette, or the eel and foie gras dish. The beautifully selected products such as raw lobster with beets and raspberry, and a foie gras, coke and passion fruit represented a unique testimony to Mother nature.

Gert De Mangeleer and Joachim Boudens are magicians, and Hertog Jan is definitely a Foodalist “Must”.

Hertog Jan 

Loppemstraat 52 
8210 Zedelgem
+32 50 67 34 46
Open from tuesday to sunday or at 12h or 13h30 / or at 19h or 21h.

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