La Villa in the sky - Brussels

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At the top of the ITT tower, overlooking Brussels, the Villa in the sky has everything to become famous.

Indeed, that’s the exact place where Alexandre Dionisio – former head chef at Alexandre restaurant and Topchef semi-finalist in 2010 – moved his team to join the Villa Lorraine.

This premium blend gives rise to the most exclusive gourmet restaurant of our capital. At each service, only 24 guests have the chance to enjoy a tasting menu, while admiring Brussels landscape (lunch 85 /110€ , dinner 145/175€).

In his culinary creations, Alexandre shows his knowledge and mastery: I would mention the olive spherification and crispy parmesan espuma, the 24 hours oven-cooked bacon and the Wagyu beef cheek confit with foie gras and butternut foam. Each dish is a perfect balance between high quality ingredients and a measured originality.

There is no real reason to discuss the fact this restaurant deserves a Michelin star.

I love:

  1. To have the feeling that time is paused;
  2. Creations of chef Alexandre, performed with dexterity in the open kitchen;
  3. Dreaming about privatizing the place for a very special occasion.

Villa in the Sky

IT Tower – 25th floor
Avenue Louise 480
1050 Brussels
Open Tuesday to Friday from 12 to 1.30 pm and from 7.30 to 9 pm

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