Living Room - Brussels

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Everyone agrees that Brussels is buzzing at the moment. Nice and trendy concepts are taking place in different areas of the capital, thanks to young entrepreneurs, sometimes coming from abroad.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to discover a new concept store and charming eatery in the European quarter in Brussels.

Maxime, a Parisian consultant in operational strategy, completely changed his professional life “because I thought we could maybe succeed and have fun, without feeling necessarily guilty“. To have also changed my career as a lawyer to work on The Foodalist, I could not agree more with his phrase.

Maxime had been thinking about his concept for nearly 10 years, wanting to mix his love of design with his desire to create a different place “not strict and sanitized like some galleries“. He created Living Room, a place that invites you to take time and feel at home. A place where you can buy the sofa you are sitting on and the mug you are drinking your coffee from.

To complete this comfy and design universe, Maxime created a foodie corner helped by Pauline and Mariko. Their respective Western and Eastern influences inspire them to cook daily delights like cheddar scones, yakitori chicken quiches and chick peas salads with sesame dressing.

Living room is a beautiful concept that takes place on the young and modern Brussels scene.

I love:

  1. Fresh and tasty salads with Mariko’s Japanese twist;
  2. Wifi access to work on your computer while munching a chocolate cookie (Valrhona!);
  3. To shop nice and different gift items.

Living Room

Place Jean Rey, 8
1040 Brussels
Open Monday to Saturday from 8am to 6pm

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