In Ixelles , rue du Bailli , there is Makisu – the sunny side of Sushi .

Always looking for Japanese dishes , I went to this place many times.

Let’s be honest : at first sight, I was afraid of a new kind of Sushi Shop place . Although I have nothing against this chain ( I already ate their sushi every Sunday when I was living in Paris) , it is in no real Japanese sushi , and their quality has become random these days.

Makisu is no authentic Japanese restaurant, but a fast food. And in this state of mind , it was a pleasant surprise for me.

The mixings are funny ( What the f *** : Foie gras, speculoos & onion jam , Astro Boy : Marinated chicken , avocado, cream cheese, Japanese herbs , teriyaki sauce …) or made on demand, and the result is fresh and good .

I love :

The fun , colorful and bubbly logos, decoration and concept;

The story of this young couple who paid their travel around the world with the gains of poker games, and came back home with the idea of Makisu ;

The crazy sushi freshly prepared.

I like a bit less :

The long queue and important crowd at lunchtime .



Rue du Bailli, 5

1050 Brussels (Ixelles)

02 640 45 50

Open Tuesday to Saturday 12 am to 10 pm