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Between Place Brugmann and Place du Chatelain, there is Rutabaga restaurant, the trendy place of the moment.

The place is fresh and beautifully arranged in a plant-Mediterranean-vintage style. Yael, the Israeli chef (former chef at Kif Kif restaurant) prepares savory oriental salads and a fresh lunch every day.

The menu features fresh meals such as salads, ciabatta and pita full of herbs and spices, and lots of other dishes to share.

I love:

  1. The decoration that makes you feel far from home;
  2. The 8 Rutabaga salad and their pita bread;
  3. The cold beet soup;
  4. The shawarma pita;
  5. The health juice (carrot-orange-ginger);
  6. The desserts with dates and apricots.


Chaussée de Waterloo, 393
1050 Brussels (Ixelles)
Open Tuesday to Saturday from 12 am to 22 pm
02 343 47 74

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