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Fook Lam Moon – Hong Kong

Wherever I travel, I love to find places with tasty local cuisine. In Hong Kong, if you want to try authentic Cantonese cuisine, you’ll definitely enjoy this address in the heart of Wang Chai district that  makes traditional dishes for three generations. In a refined nostalgic decor, Fook Lam Moon is famous for its suckling […]

Jin – Paris

Posted by Amélie on 27 Jul 2015 / 0 Comment

Where? In Paris, near Saint Honoré street.   What? A tiny Omakase. For who? Sushi purists. With whom? A friend who shares the love of silence, necessary for any traditional Omakase. My feeling? You don’t arrive at Jin “by chance“. If you walk through the door of this very confidential place, that’s thanks to a friend […]

Bùn – Antwerp

Posted by Thefoodalist on 30 Mar 2015 / 0 Comment

Too often, Asian restaurants meant gloomy decor and frozen dumplings. That was before Bùn opened in Antwerp. Based on the concept of Vietnamese street food, this foodbar is born from the meeting of Hoa and Huibrecht, a young Eurasian couple living in Antwerp. After each of them had made their own experience in two famous restaurants […]

KAMO (New place) – BRUSSELS

Posted by Amélie on 18 Sep 2014 / 0 Comment

Near the Ixelles Cemetery, there used to be Kamo. The only Michelin starred Japanese restaurant in Brussels.  Today, Kamo has moved to a different place and we are even more in love with its new decor, and its tasty meals. I could talk about Kamo for hours because it is one of my favorite Japanese […]

Knees to chin – Brussels

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Here is one of my latest discoveries Brussels, perfect in this summer season while everything we are looking for is a bit of fresh, exotic and healthy cuisine. Here is Knees to chin, a small canteen preparing cold spring rolls right next to rue du Bailli. Firstly, I adore the name “Knees to Chin”, as […]


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It’s now time for The Foodalist to share one of her favorite and a little more private places. Close to the ULB, there is Nonbe Daigaku, a small and authentic sushi place. Behind this window opened a few years ago, stands the chef of the former and very famous Tagawa restaurant. Today you have still […]


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In Saint Germain, there is Blueberry.  The Paradise of the crazy makis. In a Wong Kar-Wai movie decor, I discovered an inventive and original place where shizo, yuzu, truffle and mango are cleverly associated. The maki compositions are explosive and amazing: Red Rackham (tempura shrimp, marinated tuna, truffle, cucumber, spicy mayonnaise , chives and flying […]


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Umamido, next to Place Flagey ? I love it, and I go back there often to have delightful ramen. During one of my visits, Guy explained me his idea to open a ramen noodle bar in Brussels after a few months spent in Kyoto after his studies in Lausanne. Everything started from there for Umamido […]


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Close to Chatelain, there is Momo, my new Asian canteen. Its window “Tibetan dumblings & soups – sustainable food” had already attracted me weeks before its opening as dumplings and noodles are two words that make me hungry. Lhamo, a young Tibetan woman, studied political science at Brussels University. She explains me her culinary project […]


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In London, in Marylebone, there is a well-kept secret: Dinings. Dinings is THE hype and tiny Japanese restaurant. Based on the Izakaya concept, you can sip sake and umeshu while ordering thousands of little tapas. The originality of this place opened by two former Nobu chefs is its traditional Japanese cuisine with a “European touch”, […]


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In Mayfair, there is Bo London , chinese chef Alvin Leung’s restaurant. Alvin-The Demon chef-is the inventor of the X-treme Chinese cuisine that reinterprets ancient recipes in a contemporary and fresh perspective. Already awarded two Michelin stars for his restaurant Bo Innovation in Hong Kong, he has now received his first star for Bo London […]


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A few minutes from Kyoto Station, there is Sushi Iwa.
An address we do not find in guidebooks. An insider address, where you can taste real sushi, fresh and delicious. The Late Steve Jobs said “This is the best sushi I’ve ever had” and I agree with him. The chef speaks English very well, which is […]


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In Ixelles , rue du Bailli , there is Makisu – the sunny side of Sushi . Always looking for Japanese dishes , I went to this place many times. Let’s be honest : at first sight, I was afraid of a new kind of Sushi Shop place . Although I have nothing against this […]