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Kadeau – Bornholm

What? A place from another galaxy. For who? A Scandinavia lover looking for unique experience and setting. With whom? His lover, to offer her fresh air and share new sensations together. Where? On Bornholm island, half an hour’s flight from Copenhagen. My feeling? If I had one night left, take me to Kadeau Bornholm… Nestled […]

Nordlandet Hotel – Bornholm

What? A nice bed and breakfast on a magical island. For who? A couple in need of authenticity and fresh air. Why? To fill your lungs with the fresh air of Bornholm, for lunch on the terrace in Summer Pony and to rest after a wonderful dinner at Kadeau Bornholm.   Hotel Nordlandet Strandvejen 68 […]

Native cooking awards – Knuthenlund

Posted by Amélie on 16 Aug 2015 / 0 Comment

Where? In Knuthenlund, in Denmark. What? A chefs competition like no other. For who? A natural and local food lover who wants to understand the genesis of this cuisine. With whom? A Nordic cuisine passionated friend. The concept? In the wonderful Danish countryside, lies the Knuthenlund organic farm that provides dairy products to famous starred restaurants […]