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NOMA 2.0 – Copenhagen

I. THE STORY The origins of the movement The Noma restaurant has changed the history of Scandinavian cuisine. In 2003, no one spoke of Nordic cooking, but with the help of Redzepi and his business partner Claus Meyer in 2004, Nordic chefs gathered in Copenhagen to discuss the creation of a new Nordic cuisine based […]

In de Wulf – Dranouter

Posted by Amélie on 08 Nov 2015 / 0 Comment

Where? In Dranouter, next to the Belgian-French border. What? A poetic fine dining hideaway. For who? A gourmet looking for authenticity. With who? His lover, to share an intimate moment. My Feeling? When I was driving to In de Wulf, I was beginning a whole process: I was giving myself a break from modern times. […]

The Jane – Antwerp

Where? In Antwerp, in an old chapel. What? The hippest gourmet restaurant at the moment, that won the Best Restaurant and Bar design Award. For who? A trendy and demanding man. With whom? His friend, coming from NYC for the weekend. My feeling?  Chef Sergio Herman owns the 2 Belgian coolest culinary scenes: The Jane and […]

Celler de Can Roca – Gironia

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Where?  In Girona, one hour drive from Barcelona. For who? An organized man who wants to make a nice surprise to his beloved one for a special occasion. With who?  A foodie wife. My feeling? I had the chance to visit El Celler shortly after it recovered the World’s best restaurant title in the 50 […]

Hertog Jan – Bruges

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A few minutes away from Bruges, you will find a modern gastronomy institution: Hertog Jan. Two years ago, I had the chance to taste Gert De Mangeleer’s cuisine and he completely conquered me. When I came back recently to visit his new location a few miles away, I was again overwhelmed by his amazing cuisine. Hertog Jan is […]

Pure C – Cadzand

Posted by Amélie on 29 Apr 2015 / 0 Comment

I have already mentioned to you my admiration for Sergio Herman, a man with an immense talent and a rock attitude. He’s one of the new generation chefs who understood that the culinary genius has to be mixed with a good branding to ensure sustainability. Recently, Sergio invited me to his “Fucking Perfect ” movie premiere […]

Koy Shunka – Barcelona

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My experience at Koy Shunka restaurant was exceptional.   To be honest, I almost canceled my reservation that day, thinking that trying another Japanese restaurant – especially in Barcelona – was not worth it.   Therefore, when I arrived at Koy Shunka, I was not expecting anything other than excellent but classical Japanese cuisine. My first […]

La Villa in the sky – Brussels

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At the top of the ITT tower, overlooking Brussels, the Villa in the sky has everything to become famous.   Indeed, that’s the exact place where Alexandre Dionisio – former head chef at Alexandre restaurant and Topchef semi-finalist in 2010 – moved his team to join the Villa Lorraine.   This premium blend gives rise […]


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In Copenhagen, there is Noma. Ranked from 2010 to 2012 as the “best restaurant in the world ” , one of my dreams was to taste René Redzepi’s natural cuisine. As Noma is one of the most popular restaurants in the world, it is extremely difficult to book a table there and the bookings are […]