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Saturne – Paris

What? A Nordic restaurant in Paris. For who? A modern man. With whom? His rock and roll, and foodie girlfriend. My feeling ? Saturne is a both contemporary and natural address. The Nordic design goes perfectly with the pure plates, made ​​Chef Sven Chartier’s creations. That day, the cream of shallots, Shinsha oyster and cucumber […]

Mano Rota – Barcelona

What? A bistro restaurant in Barcelona. For who? An epicurean tired of classic Spanish cuisine. With whom? For a men’s lunch on Friday. My feeling ? This little hidden bistro, with its extremely simple appearance, offers in fact a wonderful seasonal menu where every dish is fresh and deliciously executed. Of its signature market cuisine, […]


Posted by Amélie on 25 Mar 2015 / 2 Comments

Many people cried like me when Rosalba announced that the Gioconda store (on the place du Chatelain, where Peyrassol is now opened) was about to close…. But it was without knowing that Rosalba would launch a new project not far away from there, rue Lesbroussart, where Neptune restaurant was formerly. Piccola store is a deli […]

King Kong – Brussels

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A Peruvian canteen in Brussels, this is new right? Yes, definitely. King Kong is a brand new, beautiful and creative fast food concept in Brussels, opened by two associates, including the former chef of Café des Spores. Located on Charleroi road close to Ma Campagne, this innovative “fast food” place has completely seduced me since its […]

Knees to chin – Brussels

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Here is one of my latest discoveries Brussels, perfect in this summer season while everything we are looking for is a bit of fresh, exotic and healthy cuisine. Here is Knees to chin, a small canteen preparing cold spring rolls right next to rue du Bailli. Firstly, I adore the name “Knees to Chin”, as […]

CHEZ RACHEL – Brussels

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It’s time for The Foodalist to reveal you a place that stands out when you have a huge desire of  ”junk food” to boost your mood. Rachel is in a small place, just a few steps from the Brussels Stock Exchange where a kitsch decor and offset music fill the air. Rachel is also the […]


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Comptoir 102 is my last favorite hang out in Dubai. This is an unusual place among thousands of skyscrapers and impersonal shopping malls. Located in a villa on Jumeirah beach road, Comptoir 102 is a project created by two young and pretty French girls who give a bit freshness, originality and healthy food to Dubai world. […]


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Not far from Place Schuman, there is Henri et Agnes, a place named in memory of Christelle’s grandparents, the manager of this beautiful place.
Behind a rather average building, you will be charmed by this NYC style organic decor. The walls are decorated with Frederic Nicolaï’s wooden pallet, and the atmosphere is warm and cozy. In my […]


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The new little sister of Café de la Presse was recently born at the Sablon. For those who ignore it, this is the Belgian Starbucks concept where, in a friendly and cozy atmosphere, you will have a caramel macchiato, a Lilicup cupcake and a quick sandwich. The concept is good, and the Café du Sablon […]


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In the upper Marais there is Cafe Pinson, vegetarian and gluten intolerants paradise. Epicureans and carnivores will have to choose another spot, because the Café Pinson is a complete gluten free, organic and vegan food concept where the chocolate paste has nothing in common with Nutella and butter is purely vegetable. I am (very) gourmet, […]


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In Saint Germain, there is Blueberry.  The Paradise of the crazy makis. In a Wong Kar-Wai movie decor, I discovered an inventive and original place where shizo, yuzu, truffle and mango are cleverly associated. The maki compositions are explosive and amazing: Red Rackham (tempura shrimp, marinated tuna, truffle, cucumber, spicy mayonnaise , chives and flying […]


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Umamido, next to Place Flagey ? I love it, and I go back there often to have delightful ramen. During one of my visits, Guy explained me his idea to open a ramen noodle bar in Brussels after a few months spent in Kyoto after his studies in Lausanne. Everything started from there for Umamido […]


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Near Flagey, in this neighborhood that keeps sprouting new addresses, there is the new girly tea room La Mercerie. Open from Friday to Sunday, La Mercerie is a magnificent baroque painting, with gilded, and lovely cherubs. It plunges us into Anne Goldschmidt’s fantasy land. You can go there for a breakfast, a light lunch or an afternoon tea. The menu gathers culinary discoveries Anne hearted and collected […]


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Caffè al dente’s little sister is born. The formula resembles to the Negozio Vaffè al dente at Parvis Saint pierre: no reservation, small antipasti and the pasta and meat of the day. The place is decorated with taste and simplicity, with high wooden tables and an open kitchen. I like to go there on Saturday […]


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Close to Chatelain, there is Momo, my new Asian canteen. Its window “Tibetan dumblings & soups – sustainable food” had already attracted me weeks before its opening as dumplings and noodles are two words that make me hungry. Lhamo, a young Tibetan woman, studied political science at Brussels University. She explains me her culinary project […]


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In a small alley of Brussels, there is Yeti, a charming canteen opened by Max, former nutrition coach and hypnotist. The luminous space offers large host tables, an open kitchen, and organic products. On the menu, you will discover funny alternatives to the traditional club sandwiche such as the goat-beet cream-sesame bread and the sloppy […]


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Next to the Sablon Place, there is Pistolet Original, the spot everyone was talking about before its opening. Behind a traditional storefront bakery, you will access the “Wonder Pistolets world”, these Belgian delicious bread buns. The result is very nice: the bread is perfectly crispy and chewy, and Pistolet Original offers various high quality fillings. […]


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In the center of Brussels, there is Les Filles – Plaisirs Culinaires. Some people knew already the “hidden” place in Saint Gilles where Les Filles settled their kitchen in a former workshop. They have moved recently in a mansion in Dansaert neighborhood, and the place is still awesome. Originally, the concept was to be delivered […]


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In the center of Brussels, there is Au Suisse, one of the oldest sandwich shop in Brussels. This place has become an institution and is part of another time. I like to stop by on Saturday, sit at the counter and observe people while eating a wonderful tomato-shrimp sandwich… Nothing here has changed since the […]


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In Woluwe -Saint- Etienne, near Zaventem, there is Espace culinaire Bulthaup.
Located in the kitchens showroom, this huge, bright and design space is perfect to have a business lunch. The menu features seasonal dishes you can taste at the counter or at table. The chef is Pierre Godart, formerly cook at Gril aux Herbes and at […]


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Next to the Parvis Saint Pierre , there is Caffè al dente. I could talk about this place for hours. Caffè al dente represents many things for me : a place where I would have a spritz after a long day, where I would grab a panini for lunch, and from where I would come […]


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In Antwerp , in a small street near the Meir , there is “The Next Level ” by Coffeelabs. The original idea was to open a space to exchange ideas and inspiration between IT engineers and to boost their ideas and creativity with … coffee ! Just like New York fashionable hidden places, you must […]


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In Ixelles , rue du Bailli , there is Makisu – the sunny side of Sushi . Always looking for Japanese dishes , I went to this place many times. Let’s be honest : at first sight, I was afraid of a new kind of Sushi Shop place . Although I have nothing against this […]

rutabaga – brussels

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Between Place Brugmann and Place du Chatelain, there is Rutabaga restaurant, the trendy place of the moment. The place is fresh and beautifully arranged in a plant-Mediterranean-vintage style. Yael, the Israeli chef (former chef at Kif Kif restaurant) prepares savory oriental salads and a fresh lunch every day. The menu features fresh meals such as salads, ciabatta […]


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In the Châtelain neighboorhood, there is Point Albert. A huge window that contains culinary treasures made by the Chef Arno.
 He has made a very attractive catering area: a counter of cold cuts and cheeses (coppa is amazing), and another one full of delights. I do not know where to start as all the dishes are […]


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This is a new address in the Châtelain neighborhood. I already loved El Camion , the retro-look foodtruck on Saint Gilles Market. Now there is the Garage-à-manger, the “real restaurant” and … I love it. A few ingredients were needed to give birth to this unusual place: a meeting of three inspired men ( Pêle-Mêle […]