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Carbone – Hong Kong

In a 20’s New Yorker atmosphere, swinging on the smooth Motown music vibes, you will discover at Carbone another universe: the one of Al Pacino in The Godfather. After sipping a few margheritas sprinkled with cinnamon at the bar, I entered this lively restaurant with its burgundy leather banquettes, where the waiters wear their finest […]

The Jane – Antwerp

Where? In Antwerp, in an old chapel. What? The hippest gourmet restaurant at the moment, that won the Best Restaurant and Bar design Award. For who? A trendy and demanding man. With whom? His friend, coming from NYC for the weekend. My feeling?  Chef Sergio Herman owns the 2 Belgian coolest culinary scenes: The Jane and […]

Bùn – Antwerp

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Too often, Asian restaurants meant gloomy decor and frozen dumplings. That was before Bùn opened in Antwerp. Based on the concept of Vietnamese street food, this foodbar is born from the meeting of Hoa and Huibrecht, a young Eurasian couple living in Antwerp. After each of them had made their own experience in two famous restaurants […]

Caffè Stern – Paris

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Where? In Paris, in the 2nd district. What? An lovely Italian with fresh and quality products.  For who ? A lover of fine Italian cuisine. With whom? A romantic lady. My feeling?  This former engraving shop was renovated by Philippe Starck and has now become a unique restaurant, combining modernity while preserving its original style. […]

Racines – Brussels

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Racines has a different story from the others. One day, two “italiani veri”, Ugo and Francesco, were dreaming of opening their own restaurant, no matter where. The other, they decided to compare various European capitals and finally selected Brussels for their dream to come true. Racines is different from many Italian restaurants we already have […]

Upper Room Bar – Antwerp

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Sergio Herman is the Chef who rocks at the moment. Former chef of Oud Sluis (3*), he owns the 2 Belgian coolest culinary scenes: The Jane and Pure c. And I must say that Sergio is very talented and smart.     He successfully created The Jane, the most glamorous and trendiest restaurant in Belgium, […]

Colonel – Brussels

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In a Newyorker buzzing atmosphere, one of the new meat lovers paradise has just opened in the Louise neighborhood in Brussels.   Benoît Vano, already well known in Brussels nightlife (Anarchic, Libertine supersport…) is at the head of this ambitious carnivorous project.   With Anais, his wife, they chose to develop an exclusive place with […]

Ma – Brussels

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In her showroom in Forest in Brussels, Marina has created one of my favorite concepts: a secret guest table where you can have lunch every last Friday of the month, if you have subscribed on time. This talented young designer is more than successful. While she is not creating gorgeous furniture, Marina knows how to […]

Nytorget Urban Deli – Stockholm

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Located in the district of Södermalm – the local Marais – Urban Deli is a concept bringing together everything the young bobo swedish family needs for eating: an all-day restaurant and a large delicatessen grocery. Nytorget Urban Deli is a bustling place that immerses you in a typical stockholm atmosphere. I recommend it especially for […]

Emily Ristorante – Brussels

Posted by Thefoodalist on 22 Sep 2014 / 2 Comments

I introduce you the brand new restaurant about which every gourmet is talking at the moment: “Emily Ristorante” opened by Degand House, our Brussels famous tailor. Emily ristorante is a very unique place that doesn’t look like any other place in Brussels. Because Pierre Degand wanted to aim high, very high, and has put all his […]

ABC Kitchen – NYC

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This ultra trendy restaurant has been opened by the famous chef Jean-Georges. That’s the reason why it is so difficult to get a reservation at ABC Kitchen, but once the table is obtained, this place is worth a visit. First of all for its rustic-chic decor, then for its typical very noisy and buzzing New York […]


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Comptoir 102 is my last favorite hang out in Dubai. This is an unusual place among thousands of skyscrapers and impersonal shopping malls. Located in a villa on Jumeirah beach road, Comptoir 102 is a project created by two young and pretty French girls who give a bit freshness, originality and healthy food to Dubai world. […]


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Not far from Place Schuman, there is Henri et Agnes, a place named in memory of Christelle’s grandparents, the manager of this beautiful place.
Behind a rather average building, you will be charmed by this NYC style organic decor. The walls are decorated with Frederic Nicolaï’s wooden pallet, and the atmosphere is warm and cozy. In my […]


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The new little sister of Café de la Presse was recently born at the Sablon. For those who ignore it, this is the Belgian Starbucks concept where, in a friendly and cozy atmosphere, you will have a caramel macchiato, a Lilicup cupcake and a quick sandwich. The concept is good, and the Café du Sablon […]


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In the upper Marais there is Cafe Pinson, vegetarian and gluten intolerants paradise. Epicureans and carnivores will have to choose another spot, because the Café Pinson is a complete gluten free, organic and vegan food concept where the chocolate paste has nothing in common with Nutella and butter is purely vegetable. I am (very) gourmet, […]


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Near Flagey, in this neighborhood that keeps sprouting new addresses, there is the new girly tea room La Mercerie. Open from Friday to Sunday, La Mercerie is a magnificent baroque painting, with gilded, and lovely cherubs. It plunges us into Anne Goldschmidt’s fantasy land. You can go there for a breakfast, a light lunch or an afternoon tea. The menu gathers culinary discoveries Anne hearted and collected […]


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On the Place Brugmann, there is a new spot opened by Thierry Naoum (Rouge Tomate): Chez Montaigne. In this modern and bright space, I like to meet up for a tasty lunch, and to choose delicious dishes on the inventive French menu ( lobster carpaccio, avocado, yuzu jam, fresh coriander & pink pepper; beetroot carpaccio, […]


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In a small alley of Brussels, there is Yeti, a charming canteen opened by Max, former nutrition coach and hypnotist. The luminous space offers large host tables, an open kitchen, and organic products. On the menu, you will discover funny alternatives to the traditional club sandwiche such as the goat-beet cream-sesame bread and the sloppy […]


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Next to the Sablon Place, there is Pistolet Original, the spot everyone was talking about before its opening. Behind a traditional storefront bakery, you will access the “Wonder Pistolets world”, these Belgian delicious bread buns. The result is very nice: the bread is perfectly crispy and chewy, and Pistolet Original offers various high quality fillings. […]


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Next to place du Chatelain, there is Yag restaurant. Its slogan “You Are What You Eat – You Are Great (YAG)” reflects the mood of the new canteen opened by Coralie (former Delecta) and Candice. Yag offers a healthy cuisine that changes daily (meat, fish and vegetarian dish), in a modern and beautiful setting.
The food […]


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In London, in Marylebone, there is a well-kept secret: Dinings. Dinings is THE hype and tiny Japanese restaurant. Based on the Izakaya concept, you can sip sake and umeshu while ordering thousands of little tapas. The originality of this place opened by two former Nobu chefs is its traditional Japanese cuisine with a “European touch”, […]


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Next to the Parvis Saint Pierre , there is Caffè al dente. I could talk about this place for hours. Caffè al dente represents many things for me : a place where I would have a spritz after a long day, where I would grab a panini for lunch, and from where I would come […]


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In Ixelles , rue du Bailli , there is Makisu – the sunny side of Sushi . Always looking for Japanese dishes , I went to this place many times. Let’s be honest : at first sight, I was afraid of a new kind of Sushi Shop place . Although I have nothing against this […]

Selecto – Brussels

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In the center of Brussels, rue de Flandre, there is the Selecto. A modern bistro where food happiness is in the plate. The Selecto is the perfect place to enjoy elaborated and savoury dishes in a lively atmosphere, with a good bottle of wine. Roasted foie gras, stewed white peaches with Sichuan pepper and toasted […]

Pepete et ronron – brussels

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In the center of Brussels, close to the Dansaert street, you will find Pepete and Ronron. A tiny and friendly tapas bar friendly where you can have a bit of pan con tomate and Iberian ham with a good glass of wine. I love: The small and cute place; The terrace where you can feel […]

rutabaga – brussels

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Between Place Brugmann and Place du Chatelain, there is Rutabaga restaurant, the trendy place of the moment. The place is fresh and beautifully arranged in a plant-Mediterranean-vintage style. Yael, the Israeli chef (former chef at Kif Kif restaurant) prepares savory oriental salads and a fresh lunch every day. The menu features fresh meals such as salads, ciabatta […]