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I had been dreaming of Kadeau restaurant in Copenhagen for a long time.

My biggest surprise was when I could attend their four hands dinner with Sang Hoon Degeimbre at the Air du Temps. As you may have already read here, Sang Hoon’s cuisine had already conquered me. That’s why, when I heard that he invited me to his table at this exceptional dinner, I was more than honoured and touched.

San’s 4 hands dinners are very special and have a friendly atmosphere. Firstly The chefs come into the dining room to explain their approach and sharing their knowledge. Indeed, these modern chefs have realised that it’s much more interesting to share their passion than being competitors.

I loved the fact of not having any written menu. A few guidelines were mentioned by San at the beginning, such as the interpretations by each chef of the Kale cabbage and the asparagus.

The results were surprising and explosive. Kadeau chose to present the Kale with an oyster juice while San poached a lamb to accompany the two ingredients. Coming next, there were fabulous asparagus with yellow wine and crispy chicken from the Air Du Temps, and asparagus, spring onions and fermented asparagus juice from Kadeau.

I hope my pictures shows enough of the genius and skills of each chef, particularly the memorable 4 hands dish made of rice, black garlic, black currant and crispy chicory.

For dessert, the chefs made wonderful vegetal (not sure of this word) mixtures. Kadeau chose epicea with fermented honey, Blue and blueberries and San Meadowsweet accompanied by Tonka and Chocolate…

In my opinion, this emulsion of ideas lead the talented chefs to reinvent themselves. The idea is extremely interesting because it in an intelligent and positive way to stimulate and to grow up together.

This unique and unconventional dinner ended with a last drink in the kitchen, allowing small talks between chefs and food lovers…

A great souvenir for The Foodalist that will remain in my memory.

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