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At the former place of “Le Pain et le Vin” restaurant, Damien Bouchery – former Bistrot du Mail chef – has settled down a few years ago.

This is today one of the most innovative, young and creative culinary scene in Brussels .

In a design and stylish decor, I had a delightful time enjoying the instant menu “surprise” 6 services (59 euros).

Damien Bouchéry’s cuisine has impressed me. Indeed, as you may have understood after reading my article about Noma, modern and natural cuisine often uses too much of wild herbs and strange plants, sometimes for a lack of greed.

I thought I would have the same kind of feeling at Bouchéry, but he has pleasantly surprised me with his mastery of products and accuracy in the balance of taste and innovation. Neither ostentatious nor disproportionate in his creativity, I had the feeling that every dish was perfectly realized.

Low temperature pork loin with small gray snail, whelks and leeks, monkfish with raw and cooked Jerusalem artichokes, meadowsweet-hazelnut sorbet… The daring mixtures were cleverly made, and preserved the harmony and flavor. I felt that the ingredients of each composition were chosen with great care, like the vegetables and herbs that come directly from the orchard lovingly tended by Damien and his girlfriend Benedict.

This restaurant is modern and inventive, with an avant-garde twist, accessible to gourmets looking for innovation and curiosity.

I love :

  1. The Nordic design of the place and the aesthetics of the food presentation ;
  2. The originality and the authenticity of this couple that realizes its passion and shares its creations ;
  3. Benedicte’s good advice on wines in accordance with food: natural and delicious.


Alsembergsesteenweg, 812 A
1180 Brussels
02 332 37 74
Open from Monday to Saturday, only evenings

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