Bùn - Antwerp

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Too often, Asian restaurants meant gloomy decor and frozen dumplings. That was before Bùn opened in Antwerp.

Based on the concept of Vietnamese street food, this foodbar is born from the meeting of Hoa and Huibrecht, a young Eurasian couple living in Antwerp. After each of them had made their own experience in two famous restaurants (Little Asia in Brussels and Pure C in Cadzand), they decided to create Bùn, a different and modern Asian restaurant.

I was immediately charmed by this tiny place, its intimate atmosphere and small foodbar. They have a short selection of fine and authentic dishes such as the spring rolls filled with fresh herbs and subtle flavors have met my high asian food expectations. Its Phở bò, the Tonkinese soup that can show the authenticity of the Vietnamese cuisine, has the same traditional flavors as the one my mom used to cook.

Bùn has also a great choice of uncommon Vietnamese specialties such as home Bún bo Hue (Hue soup) and the Bún cá Nuc Nuong (rice vermicelli and grilled mackerel), still unknown in Belgium.

I had a huge crush on this lovely place and its authentic cuisine that reminds me of sweet family memories…

I love:

The authenticity of the vietnamese flavors and the uncommon dishes;
  2. The intimate and modern decor;

  3. The phở bò;

  4. The freshly made spring rolls.


Sint-Jorispoort, 22
2000 Antwerpen – Belgium
Open from Monday to Saturday from 12pm to 9pm
Closed on Wednesday
 and Sunday

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