Chana - Brussels

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On the Parvis Saint Gilles, I recently made some pretty discoveries.

Chana Pakora & Falafel is a humble wooden counter behind which you will taste nice oriental flavors.

The Chana plate base is beautifully presented in fine handcrafted ceramic bowls and seduces me by its simplicity and its falafel and pakoras authentic flavors. Behind the kitchen, Mr. and Mrs. are preparing pitas and plates with serenity, punctuated by oriental songs.

Chana is the kind of bohemian little spot that I like, that makes you travel and dream.

I love:

  1. The simplicity of the place;
  2. The onion pakoras;
  3. The choice of garlic, green mint and chili sauces.

Chana Falafel & Pakora

Parvis Saint Gilles, 24
1060 Brussels
Open Wednesday to Sunday from 11.30am to 3pm and from 6 to 10pm
On Sunday, Chana is open all day

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