Cipiace - Brussels

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In Saint Gilles neighborhood, in Brussels.


A small Italian cantine.

For who?

A Tuscany lover.

With who? 

A bunch of friends, to remember their last Italian holiday together.

My feeling?

Cipiace is one of my nice discoveries in Saint Gilles area.

It is a little bar where the decoration isn’t as fancy, as its concentration is focused on the authenticity of the bites and beverages.

Giorgia and Elisabetta, two young and dynamic Italian girls, met while they were working in a cooperation consultancy firm. One day, they decided to change their life completely and opened a restaurant that resembles themselves: a simple and friendly place that would bring some sunshine in Brussels greyness. They created Cipiace (“we adore” in Italian), the little Italian place in Saint Gilles where you are welcomed at any time of the day.

I like to go to Cipiace for a quick lunch and choose the pasta of the day (except on Tuesday), and the grilled vegetables with scamorza. If you go there at night, taste its charcuterie platter and delicious cocktails, or, on Tuesday evening, the Roman buffet aperitivo. 

What I love?

  1. The easy going Italian place;
  2. The simple and delicious Italian cuisine;
  3. Elizabetta’s warm welcome and smile.


Parvis de St-Gilles 49/a
1060 Brussels

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