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Comptoir 102 is my last favorite hang out in Dubai. This is an unusual place among thousands of skyscrapers and impersonal shopping malls.

Located in a villa on Jumeirah beach road, Comptoir 102 is a project created by two young and pretty French girls who give a bit freshness, originality and healthy food to Dubai world.

As soon as you’ ll walk through the door, you will be charmed by Emma and Alexandra’s sweet world. Emma explained me that, when she arrived in Dubai with her husband a few years ago, the culture shock was enormous. But rather than falling into depression or taking a flight back to New York where they used to live, she had the talent and motivation to develop with her friend this beautiful bohemian-chic concept store.

Next to lovely wicker baskets, ethnic-chic accessories and sublime decorative objects, you will find 102 Café which offers raw, vegan, organic, dairy-free and gluten-free food. Regularly, nutritionist chefs are consulted to invent its delicious menu, with crispy salads and detox juices that make you feel good.

I had a huge crush on this different and charming place that contrasts with modern and impersonal Dubai.

I love :

  1. The Zen and refined atmosphere; 
  2. The contrast of bohemian-chic Comptoir 102 with bling bling Dubai;
  3. Emma and Alexandra’s French attitude;
  4. The freshness of my healthy lunch.

Comptoir 102

Jumeirah Beach Road
Jumeirah 1
Open every day from 8.30am to 6.30pm (shop closes at 7 pm)
+971 4 385 4555

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