Cowfish Burger - Brussels

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Because we are often looking for a nice little place to eat a burger on the run, I introduce you today to Cowfish Burger restaurant.

The concept is simple, first you choose the meat: Beef (Blanc bleu belge) – Chicken (farm Chicken) – Fish (Breaded Cod from North Sea) – Veggie.

Then you choose your style:

  • The Classic (Iceberg salad, onions, pickles, cheddar)
  • The Belgian (Iceberg salad, endives, caramelized onions, Herve cheese)
  • The Smoky (Roquette salad, quince jam, Maredsous cheese)
  • Le Forestier (Roquette salad, white mushrooms and young bean sprouts)
  • Tuscan (radicchio, grilled vegetables and mozzarella di Buffala)
  • Jap (shiitake, nori, sesame)
  • Texas (Iceberg, Guacamole, corn, cheddar, jalapeno)

And finally you choose your side order: Coleslaw, young shouts or wheat salad-chicory.

All this is served with fries, which you can savory top with the 100% Belgian Ketjep, Mayo and Dallas sauces.

The atmosphere is cozy and nice, and the prices reasonable.

This is a good spot to have a quick bite, before the movie at Cinéma de la Toison d’or at 9pm.

Cowfish Burger

Pépin street, 39
1000 Brussels
Open Wednesday to Saturday from 6.30 pm to 11 pm
+32 2 514 28 00

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