Heimat - Paris

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In Paris, in Palais Royal neighborhood.


An Italian neo-bistro.

For who?

A foodie looking for modern and smart cuisine.

With whom?

His friend, in the contemporary art business.

My feeling?

Heimat modern and simple atmosphere reflects the mindset of this contemporary bistro opened by Pierre Jancou (La Crèmerie, Racine and Vivant).

A bistronomic place?

Trattonimic” answered Michele, the young Tuscan chef previously at Rino Restaurant. Every week, he is the one who imagines and cooks the very unique market menu. I discovered a lot of taste and audaciousness in his plates: a beef tongue with clams, a precisely seasoned pepper mackerel, and a red sorrel and currants cod that had the right acidity and bitterness touches. The rigatoni with juicy duck ragout left me a very special memory too. To beautifully end this meal, I had a beautiful lemon tart with rhubarb made by Manon, the pastry chef. 

Heimat is definitely one of the latest Parisian delicious places that you shouldn’t miss.

What I love?

  1. The Italian bistronomie;
  2. The boldness of the original compositions;
  3. The fresh market menu;
  4. Crazy desserts.


37, rue de Montpensier
75001 Paris
Open Tuesday to Saturday from 19h to 23h

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