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A Peruvian canteen in Brussels, this is new right?

Yes, definitely. King Kong is a brand new, beautiful and creative fast food concept in Brussels, opened by two associates, including the former chef of Café des Spores.

Located on Charleroi road close to Ma Campagne, this innovative “fast food” place has completely seduced me since its opening.

Amused by its name and exotic concept, I ordered my pork belly sandwich at the counter and chose the yucca – cassava roots – which are an excellent alternative to French fries.

I learned that our traditional mayo is here bartered against more colorful and sparkling Peruvian toppings: “Criolla”, a sauce made of yellow peppers, onions, cilantro and lime and “huancaia” consisting of paprika and Peruvian cheese.

My lunch arrived at the table, and I devoured my tender and juicy sandwich topped with fresh avocado and onions, and my salad filled with seeds and chilli jam. I felt completely bewildered by the beautiful jungle-retro decor chosen Diego Carrion, one of the partners.

In the evening, I like the lazy idea to stop by King Kong to take away an charcoal oven-cooked chicken to feed my whole tribe home.

This new style canteen, its Latin and vintage touches and the pretty branding of King Kong give a touch of coolness to this deliciously exotic location.

King Kong is undoubtedly the new place to be in the city this summer.

I love:

  1. The innovative concept of Peruvian fast food;
  2. The freshness of the vegetables that fill up all the sandwiches and salads;
  3. The beautiful and fun logo-deco-concept.

King Kong

227, Chaussée de Charleroi
1060 Brussels
02537 January 96
Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday from 12 am to 3 pm
Open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 7 pm to 10.30 pm

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