Marchal - Copenhagen

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Hotel d’Angleterre is the city’s oldest palace.

I must say Andreas was one of my most exciting surprises I had in Copenhagen, bringing the French culinary tradition to a very high level. Having worked at Kong Hans Kaelder as sous chef de cuisine for years, he certainly had more than enough to take over this elegant institution.

And, don’t get it wrong, even thoughL Marchal restaurant is located in a hotel, Andreas was given the entire freedom to create his own menu.

This time, the experience had nothing in commun with new Nordic cuisine: after generous gougères with truffle, and a traditional canard à la presse executed according to the rules of art, his whole turbot steamed with champagne, aromatics and zucchini, generously buttered with caviar, was definitely one of the breathtaking dishes of the year.


Kongens Nytorv 34,
1050 København,

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