Moonfood - Brussels

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More than a new spot, Moonfood is a philosphy. It’s a great new choice between eating fast food sandwiches, or healthy food to regain wellness of your body and mind.

Thierry Aerts, a lunar hyperactive man, has understood the raw and healthy food trend very well. We are all tired of finding horse meat in our frozen meals, and pesticides in the green apples. But we do not all have the time and money to eat healthy. This is exactly where the genius of this man intervenes: Moonfood is the first raw-gluten free affordable fast food cafe in Belgium. For about ten euros, rather than having unhealthy prepared meals full of “EEEE”, we can choose to eat healthy and vegan without ending up broke.

Thierry has matured this project and has attended various courses in the U.S. with Annie Padden Jubb (Leonardo di Caprio nutritionist) and Gisela Byer (Tree of Life) to expand his knowledge. He explains me his whole philosophy is based on the simple Hippocrate’s precept: “Let the food be your medicine“.

At Moonfood, I could taste new flavors, tasty and good for my health. I discovered that buckwheat crackers, dried blood oranges and toasted garlic nuts could be wonderful snacks – the “2016 Twix versions” he said – and that a raw vegetables lasagna (zucchini, tomato pesto, fresh macadamia nuts) could be delicious. To drink with this super healthy menu, I had water, 9 times filtered with a reverse osmosis system.

I was also thrilled to find out I could get there my cold pressed vegetable and fruit juices to start a summer detox, such as the one made pear, celery, parsley, wheat seeds juice I had that day.

Moonfood has a promising future, and the ambition to become an innovative chain in the raw and healthy food business.

I love:

  1. The bags filled with dehydrated parsley, blood oranges and onions to slip into our bags for little cravings;
  2. The powerful detox juices;
  3. The fast food that is really fresh and healthy (not pretending to be one);
  4. The magnificent decoration made of wood and concrete.


Colonies street, 58
1000 Brussels
Open from Monday to Friday from 8am to 8 pm

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Amélie Vincent

Phone: +32 (0) 477 / 66.24.18


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