Native cooking awards - Knuthenlund

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In Knuthenlund, in Denmark.


A chefs competition like no other.

For who? 

A natural and local food lover who wants to understand the genesis of this cuisine.

With whom?

A Nordic cuisine passionated friend.

The concept?

In the wonderful Danish countryside, lies the Knuthenlund organic farm that provides dairy products to famous starred restaurants (Geranium and Noma among others). Since 1729, this farm offers local upscale dairy products and delicatessen, without any fertilizer.

In this bucolic estate, the bats and frogs are playing their natural role of insect predators, while goats and sheep are fed with a secret blend of natural herbs.

Each year, this estate organizes a unique fine dining event: they invite 5 teams of 4 michelin starred chefs from Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark and Sweden, to prepare a 3 courses menu without electricity.

This year I had the chance to share this incredible experience with, among others, Vilhjalmur Sigurdarson restaurant Souvenir, Florent Ladeyn from l’Auberge du Vert Mont (1*) and Gustaf of Otterberg from Ekstedt restaurant in Stockholm (1*).

In a matter of hours, these chefs had to find all the ingredients of their dishes in the surrounding nature. They had only received a small basket at the beginning of the competition with salt, meat and some dairy products. All teams prepared raw and grilled dishes to be presented to the international jury. 

This year, the Belgian team showed taste and simplicity, by presenting a fresh cheese with peas and mushrooms as a starter. The French team, arriving in 2nd position, composed a majestic dessert of yogurt, strawberries, berries and white rose. The Danish team, winner for the 2nd  year, showed a lot of technique in the composition of a pork with peas and berry juice, and strawberries, rhubarb and cheese dessert.

I love:

  1. To witness the chefs adaptability and creativity;
  2. To admire the ingredients being brought from the nature to the plate, without any modern equipment;
  3. The friendliness of the competition, where international chefs meet and greet.

Native Cooking Awards

Knuthenlund Estate
Knuthenlundvej 7B 4952

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