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It’s now time for The Foodalist to share one of her favorite and a little more private places.

Close to the ULB, there is Nonbe Daigaku, a small and authentic sushi place.

Behind this window opened a few years ago, stands the chef of the former and very famous Tagawa restaurant.

Today you have still the chance to taste the excellence and expertise of its sushi Master, Suetsugu Yosuke, at his counter.

As in every authentic Japanese restaurant, do not judge the decor – non-existent – but focus on the perfection of your plate. Fish are incredibly fresh and sushis are made in the purest Japanese tradition.

As you might have understood, Nonbe Daigaku is one of my favorite places in Brussels to enjoy high quality sushi and sashimi.

Prefer to sit at the counter to admire the skills of the chef.

I love :

  1. The high attendance of the place by the Brussels Japanese community, which is the best sign to recognize an authentic Japanese restaurant;
  2. To watch the chef preparing sushis in the rules of art ;
  3. When there is O-toro on the menu (fatty tuna).


Avenue Adolphe Buyl, 31
1050 Brussels (Ixelles)
02 649 21 49
Open Tuesday to Saturday from 12am to 2pm and from 7pm to 10pm

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