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Next to the Sablon Place, there is Pistolet Original, the spot everyone was talking about before its opening.

Behind a traditional storefront bakery, you will access the “Wonder Pistolets world”, these Belgian delicious bread buns.

The result is very nice: the bread is perfectly crispy and chewy, and Pistolet Original offers various high quality fillings. Classics ones will choose tomato shrimp or beef tartare versions, while the more adventurous will have Herve-chicory or Bloempanch (Brusseleir sausage)-caramelized apples.

Pistolet Original is also a whole Belgian concept invented by Valérie, a former gastronomy consultant: a retro logo, a pretty neon light, shelves filled with quality products, and polaroid pictures of our “celebrities”…

Sounds like a Success Story.

Beware that this counter sells no standard pistolet, but its deluxe version. This has a price and I can buy that!

 I Love:

  1. The various choices of pistolets, and their michelin starred versions;
  2. The playful decor and packaging;
  3. The high quality products;
  4. The Sunday morning editions: scrambled or boiled eggs, chocolate, Dandoy paste…

 I like less:

That I am not full with two buns, so the price ends up quite high.


Joseph Stevens Street, 24

1000 Brussels (Brussels center)

02 880 80 98

From Monday to Sunday from 8am to 6pm
 Thursday until 11 pm

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