Sensi - Bangkok

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A sophisticated Italian restaurant.

For who?

An Italian lover.

With whom?

His wife for an intimate and romantic moment.

My feeling ?

In the small house in the centre of Sathorn Area in Bangkok, Christian and Clara have made a refined Italian restaurant that I adore.

From the front door, you will enter a European universe that comforts you when you are so far from home.

On the menu, I like to take the cream of Burrata with tomato sorbet and a few drops of balsamic vinegar. The truffle risotto, where the heart of the egg yolk explodes with tartuffata aromas, is also one of my musts.

To complete the experience, you can book the chef’s table overlooking the kitchen and choose the menu of the day to feel all the sincerity and warmth this Southern Italian chef.


1040 Narathiwat Soi 17 Yak 5,
Sathorn, Bangkok.

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