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Umamido, next to Place Flagey ? I love it, and I go back there often to have delightful ramen.

During one of my visits, Guy explained me his idea to open a ramen noodle bar in Brussels after a few months spent in Kyoto after his studies in Lausanne. Everything started from there for Umamido – which means delicious in Japanese – and it’s a damned good name for such a place !

The restaurant is tiny andthe decor extremely simple, all in white and wood. Behind the counter, Mike, a Polish chef (! ) cooks multiple brothes with salt, soy, miso, chili, pork and dashi. During their free time, Mike and Guy invent new versions of ramen you might have the chance to discover periodically such as the lobster-bacon, chestnut or pumpkin ones.

As you might imagine, Umamido is real paradise for The Foodalist when she has to choose between gyoza, pork and kimchi buns and delicious soups …

As soon as she receives her bowl, she puts her ” ramen style” bib on and swallows her kara miso ramen that comes straight  from Sapporo. She of course makes a lot of noise while she’s eating them: in Japan, that’s how you show you are enjoying noodles!

I love:

  1. The quick and simple ramen bar that reminds me of my beautiful Tokyo ;
  2. The delicious flavors of its Kara miso ramen ;
  3. The generous portions of ramen accompanied by chopped onions, soy and egg calf.

I like less:

There is no tea or coffee. While I love hanging out long, Umamido must be strategic to make place for other customers.


Vleurgat way, 1
1050 Brussels (Ixelles)
Open daily from 12pm to 2.30 pm and 6 pm to 10 pm
02 588 13 91
No booking

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