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In her showroom in Forest in Brussels, Marina has created one of my favorite concepts: a secret guest table where you can have lunch every last Friday of the month, if you have subscribed on time.

This talented young designer is more than successful. While she is not creating gorgeous furniture, Marina knows how to make her guests feel comfortable.

You will be charmed by her big smile, and you will learn that it can be easy to welcome 20 guests simultaneously.

At the first floor of her showroom, she set up a long table and prepares seasonal dishes to share. I love this elegant and warmth moment.

At this host table, you will meet some of Brussels arty young crowd, while sharing with them a simple and delicious lunch.

It makes me feel we are part of one big family.

I love:

  1. The idea of organizing lunch to create visibility of her showroom, and share a special moment;
  2. Marina’s delicious and healthy dishes;
  3. Simplicity and authenticity.


Chaussée de Forest, 314
1190 Brussels
+32 2 520 03 19
Reservation on the website:
Store Opening hours
Wednesday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm

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