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Sensi – Bangkok

What? A sophisticated Italian restaurant. For who? An Italian lover. With whom? His wife for an intimate and romantic moment. My feeling ? In the small house in the centre of Sathorn Area in Bangkok, Christian and Clara have made a refined Italian restaurant that I adore. From the front door, you will enter a […]

Carbone – Hong Kong

In a 20’s New Yorker atmosphere, swinging on the smooth Motown music vibes, you will discover at Carbone another universe: the one of Al Pacino in The Godfather. After sipping a few margheritas sprinkled with cinnamon at the bar, I entered this lively restaurant with its burgundy leather banquettes, where the waiters wear their finest […]

Cipiace – Brussels

Posted by Thefoodalist on 06 Jul 2015 / 0 Comment

Where? In Saint Gilles neighborhood, in Brussels. What? A small Italian cantine. For who? A Tuscany lover. With who? A bunch of friends, to remember their last Italian holiday together. My feeling? Cipiace is one of my nice discoveries in Saint Gilles area. It is a little bar where the decoration isn’t as fancy, as its […]

Heimat – Paris

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Where? In Paris, in Palais Royal neighborhood. What? An Italian neo-bistro. For who? A foodie looking for modern and smart cuisine. With whom? His friend, in the contemporary art business. My feeling? Heimat modern and simple atmosphere reflects the mindset of this contemporary bistro opened by Pierre Jancou (La Crèmerie, Racine and Vivant). A bistronomic […]

Signora Ava – Brussels

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Signora Ava is the kind of authentic Italian place that makes you travel. Former Bocconi chef at the Amigo hotel in Brussels, Enzo decided to develop trendy streetfood concept along with his Italian twist. With Claudia, this cute and passionate duet brought many great things to Signora Ava. Only by reading the menu, my mind was already […]

Roberta’s – NYC

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Where? In Brooklyn neighborhood, in Bushwick area What? A trendy pizzeria For whom? Young hipsters With Whom? A bunch of friends My feeling? Roberta’s is the mythical and trendy Brooklyn spot where pizzas are deliciously cooked in a wood-fired oven. In a very relaxed atmosphere, I meet my friends here to share delicious pizza with […]

Caffè Stern – Paris

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Where? In Paris, in the 2nd district. What? An lovely Italian with fresh and quality products.  For who ? A lover of fine Italian cuisine. With whom? A romantic lady. My feeling?  This former engraving shop was renovated by Philippe Starck and has now become a unique restaurant, combining modernity while preserving its original style. […]


Posted by Amélie on 25 Mar 2015 / 2 Comments

Many people cried like me when Rosalba announced that the Gioconda store (on the place du Chatelain, where Peyrassol is now opened) was about to close…. But it was without knowing that Rosalba would launch a new project not far away from there, rue Lesbroussart, where Neptune restaurant was formerly. Piccola store is a deli […]

Racines – Brussels

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Racines has a different story from the others. One day, two “italiani veri”, Ugo and Francesco, were dreaming of opening their own restaurant, no matter where. The other, they decided to compare various European capitals and finally selected Brussels for their dream to come true. Racines is different from many Italian restaurants we already have […]

Emily Ristorante – Brussels

Posted by Thefoodalist on 22 Sep 2014 / 2 Comments

I introduce you the brand new restaurant about which every gourmet is talking at the moment: “Emily Ristorante” opened by Degand House, our Brussels famous tailor. Emily ristorante is a very unique place that doesn’t look like any other place in Brussels. Because Pierre Degand wanted to aim high, very high, and has put all his […]


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If, with my eyes closed, I had to choose a fine italian restaurant in Brussels, it would definitely be Dolce Amaro on Charleroi road. I love it, and I often return there with friends and family. Why? Because the food is fine and excellent and the service and flavors of the dishes are authentic. There […]


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Caffè al dente’s little sister is born. The formula resembles to the Negozio Vaffè al dente at Parvis Saint pierre: no reservation, small antipasti and the pasta and meat of the day. The place is decorated with taste and simplicity, with high wooden tables and an open kitchen. I like to go there on Saturday […]


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In Saint Boniface neighborhood , there is Osteria Bolognese, a little piece of Italy in the heart of Matonge. In a very simple place,  I  discovered a delicatessen counter, surrounded with a few tables with vichy tablecloths. As the decor is very low key, I felt a little skeptical at first. But I was quickly charmed […]


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Next to the Parvis Saint Pierre , there is Caffè al dente. I could talk about this place for hours. Caffè al dente represents many things for me : a place where I would have a spritz after a long day, where I would grab a panini for lunch, and from where I would come […]


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 Close to Place Saint Boniface, there is Unico. A mini “cave-à-manger” opened by former Caffe al dente waitresses and chefs. The menu offers daily a few appetizers, one type of meat, one fish and one pasta to ensure freshness and quality of the dishes. Choice of natural wines. I love: The private and unconventional place […]


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In the Châtelain neighboorhood, there is Point Albert. A huge window that contains culinary treasures made by the Chef Arno.
 He has made a very attractive catering area: a counter of cold cuts and cheeses (coppa is amazing), and another one full of delights. I do not know where to start as all the dishes are […]