Charity Backstage - Brussels

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Here are the first images of the international dinner we organized last Saturday in Brussels with 25 international chefs coming  flying in Brussels to support the South African charity project Isabelo charity.

The Foodalist took part in the organization of this charity event in order to support this unique project to promote solidarity and generosity.

I must say it was quite a challenge to organize 3 dinners at the same time, in 3 different fine dining restaurants of the Belgian capital, with South African ingredients the chef Margot Janse selected in her terroir, in transit, in airports on the 5 continents…

But, in the end, it was such a blessing to feel so much enthusiasm from both chefs and guests, as soon as we launched the call.

I will always remember the team spirit, the excitment, the fears, the creations, the smiles, the challenges, the talents, the timings, the smells, the tastes, the laughes, the enthousiasm… and, above all, the emotions of feeling alive and acting all together for a good cause: to « feed hungry minds » of little boys and girls going to school every day, to educate themselves properly thanks to Margot’s project.

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