Charity Backstage - Brussels

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Here are some images of the international dinner I organized last Saturday in Brussels with 25 international chefs coming over, together with the local Belgian food community.

As the international chefs were already flying in to Paris for an awards ceremony, we decided to take advantage of this “global foot print” to support a human charity project from South Africa: the Isabelo charity.

It was very important for me to take part in the organization of this charity in order help to create awareness, and generosity towards the kids in needs in this region of the world.

I must say it was quite a challenge to organize 3 dinners at the same time, in 3 different fine dining restaurants in Brussels – but it was thrilling to feel the human aspects and the solidarity from the chefs, journalists and guests that all made this dream come true.

During this extraordinary 3 dinners, South African ingredients were given by the chef Margot, and each one of the chefs could prepare in their own creative way.

In the end, it was such a blessing to feel the warmth of people, the excitement of the guests, and the giving of the chefs soon as we launched the call.

I will always remember from this experience the team spirit, the business, the fears, the creations, the smiles, the challenges, the talents, the timings, the smells, the tastes, the laughes, the enthousiasm… and, above all, the emotions of feeling alive and acting all together for a good cause: to « feed hungry minds » of little boys and girls going to school every day, to educate themselves in Cape Town, thanks to Margot’s project.

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