Interview - Vandana Shiva

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Amélie Vincent collaborated with the 3 stars Chef Mauro Colagreco, to organize conferences during Chef’s World Summit in Monaco summit in Monaco last November.

The main topics were the future of food, and nowadays issues we are facing in the food system.

The Foodalist interviewed among others Mrs Vandana Shiva who is an Indian activist, Nobel Price, who has made a fundamental contribution to changing the practices and paradigms of agriculture and food.



T.F.: What is your opinion on meat consumption today?

V.S.: We must immediately say no to farm-raised meat. We will start to move to less meat, and more meat fed at a distance rather than grain-fed meat. We need to increase the vegetarian component of all diets, Because diversity is necessary. Eating is, after all, an act we commit. We can say “I will eat ecological, I will eat sustainable, I will eat local I will eat healthy”. Eating well is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.


T.F.: Do you have any advice for the chefs today?

V.S.: Farmers are forced to go out of bed. Chefs are an element of the food system. They must become ambassadors of the land, ambassadors of farmers, ambassadors of future generations.


T.F.: How can we change education?

V.S.: Children have the right to know how to cook, children have the right to be little leaders. Small children should grow up knowing what are their bodies, their food, how they are grown and how they can be transformed. Junk food is a violation of the rights of the child.


T.F.: Do you think that people’s identities can change the way they see food?

V.S.: You know who you are when you know what you eat, and when you know what you eat, you know that everyone in your area eats that way. And you become a community, not divided societies. So identity and food go very well together. Knowing our food, knowing the traditions of our ancestors and knowing what we need to manage for the future is a very important way to counter the culture of hate and fear that is spreading everywhere.


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