Plaza Athénée - Paris

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It is an experience to taste the langoustine and caviar dish in an extraordinary futurist design with polished stainless-steel shells and a stunning Swarovski chandelier.

In 2014, the renowned chef Alain Ducasse decided to completely challenge the traditional definition of luxury dining with a new approach focusing on healthy, environmentally friendly food inspired by his ‘Naturalité’ philosophy.

In the restaurant and dining rooms stunningly decorated in a soft white, cream and beige palette, Ducasse with chef Romain Meder decided to celebrate vegetables, fish and shellfish, and grains, and to rewrite the menu based on sustainable, wild and mostly organic ingredients.

All through the meal cream, butter and sugar are used as sparingly as possible. Diners experience extraordinary new tastes, such as sliced bread with wax, the genius green puy lentils and Kristal caviar in smoked eel jelly, served with buckwheat blinis and raw cream, and Tarbouriech oysters heated with honey and pollen.

Also not to be missed are pastry chef Jessica Préalpato’s fruit desserts, in which each bite highlights different textures and flavours, revealing acidity, bitterness and sweetness.

laza Athénée 

Hôtel Plaza Athénée,
25 Avenue Montaigne,
75008 Paris,

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