Relae - Copenhagen

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You would visit Manfreds natural-wine bar at the front, before experiencing the well-flavoured menu based on organic vegetables from Christian Puglisi’s own farm at Relae.

Christian Puglisi, the Italo-Norwegian chef who was raised in Denmark, was highly influenced by René Redzepi during his time as sous chef at Noma.

Puglisi has recently launched his organic farm, where every morning a team of chefs collects vegetables and milk, which they take back to his various restaurant kitchens in Copenhagen: Relae, Manfreds, BÆST and Mirabelle.

Located in Nørrebro district, Relae is characterised by

a more accessible and simplistic approach than the classic fine-dining model, with a laid-back atmosphere and a bustling open kitchen.

From the drawers housing cutlery, the diners discover a written menu featuring the cutting-edge cooking of vegetables, through simple dishes maximising the flavour of just a few ingredients: for example, Jerusalem artichoke mousse with passionfruit and coffee, or fried salsify with salsify purée and bergamot.


Jægersborggade 41,
2200 Copenhagen,

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