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In Tokyo, in Minato district, I discovered Aronia de Takazawa, one of my last Japanese favourite gems.

Once entered in a futuristic setting, I felt to transported in space, and landed in the exclusive Yoshiaki Takazawa’s universe… Each night, his wife Akiko welcomes only 10 guests with great kindness and attention to every detail. She explained me the reason why the chef does not accept more tables is because he wants to “give clients all the attention they deserve”.

I had an amazing time in this unique place. While this magician was composing culinary treasures in his “laboratory” stand, I felt completely seduced by his creativity and genius. The chef combines the best of 2 worlds : the delights of French cuisine, with Japanese excellence. And he adds a twist of molecular cuisine on top of it.

Takazawa’s fusion food is ingenious and surprisingly tasty and colorful. The excitement around each dish has a this kind of magic that takes you back in your childhood.

Aronia de Takazawa is definitely a unique place for fine gourmets. My question is: why hasn’t this outstanding chef received any star yet?

I love :

  1. The lunar and poetic scenery;
  2. The Ratatouille dish, which is a mosaic of colorful vegetables;
  3. The inventive Scallop spaghetti;
  4. The Early mushrooms poetry;
  5. The camembert that is not one (but a truffle cheesecake);
  6. The homemade bread and rillettes;
  7. The Breakfast at Takazawa: a truffle poached egg with corn flakes made of…potatoes.
  8. The “Fanta grapes” that sparkle in the mouth;
  9. The beauty and ingenuity of all the creations ;
  10. The humility and kindness of the chef Takazawa and his wife Akiko.


3 Chome-5-2 Akasaka


Tokyo 107-0052

+81 3-3505-5052

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