Fu He Hui - Shanghai

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Fortune, harmony, wisdom. These are the translations of the three characters of this zen colonial townhouse set in the middle of Shanghai city. 


Within a three-storey structure with furniture and art pieces from Ming and Qing dynasties, Fu He Hui in Shanghai is a temple of Vegetarian Chinese cuisine that proves vegetables are more than a way of eating : they are a way of living… 


All through the fine dining menu, Chef Tony Lu makes each dish of vegetables an experience in itself where the identity and essence of each ingredient is put forward, in a very creative way from stir-fried lily bulb with aspargus with elm ear mushrooms, to seared king oyster mushrooms with tofu skin on a mandarin pancake.

Fu He Hui

838 Jiangning Rd,
Jingan Qu,
Shanghai Shi,
China, 200000


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