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A classic Italian restaurant that has moved to the prestigious Sablons neighbourhood in Brussels.

For whom?

A man who wants to impress his in-laws.

With whom?

Her in-laws and his fiancée.

My feeling?

Senza Nome is one of the traditional upscale Italian restaurants in Brussels. Already awarded with a Michelin star, chef Giovanni Bruno changed its quarters this year and offered a new decor to Senza Nome.

In the modern blue atmosphere that fits perfectly his fresh Italian cuisine, I had a stracciatella cheese with a tomato coulis and delicious pasta with sea urchins and bottarga.

While it is true that the prices are a bit high and that you don’t have the choice (it’s a set menu), Senza Nome is a pleasant place where all generations will have a good time together.

I love:

  1. The blue tones of the classic-chic décor;
  2. The small elegant dishes;
  3. The impressive food and wine combination.

Senza Nome

Place du petit Sablon,1
1000 Brussels
+32 2 223 16 17

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