Geist - Copenhagen

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Bo Bech’s has some genius in his visionary cuisine.

Well known in his home country as the fearsome TV host of Denmark’s answer to Kitchen Nightmares, chef Bo Bech is a trailblazer of the Copenhagen food scene. He first made his name in Denmark’s food-obsessed capital at Restaurant Paustian, where he won a Michelin star, before setting up Geist in 2011.

But Bech is more than that. He is a man of genius and incredible taste.

At Geist, located right by Kongens Nytorv square in the city centre, in an intimate dark interior with concrete floors warmed at night by the flicker of candlelight, Bech decided not to provide a set menu, but instead presents a selection of 30 dishes, to be shared and most of all experienced.

Based on impeccable Scandinavian produce, the creations might look simple but do not be fooled by their appearance: they have been definitely deeply conceptualized by Bech’s genius and worldwide food experiences.

His signature creation of thin layers of avocado with caviar and almond oil, for example, has even filled up a whole chapter of his new book.


Kongens Nytorv 8,
1050 Copenhagen,


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