Geranium - Copenhagen

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You will enjoy the stunning views while discovering the ‘razor clam shells’ made from dough and coloured with squid ink.


On the eighth floor of Denmark’s national football stadium in Copenhagen, this futurist dining room has stunning views of the Fælledparken with glimpses of the city’s rooftops.


Danish-born Rasmus Kofoed is one of the most acclaimed Nordic chefs, and has won all three medals levels at the highest competition for professional chefs, the Bocuse d’Or. His cuisine is explores nature’s perpetual changes and beauty through a colourful and dynamic technique inspired by his childhood.


Through his 20-plus course Universe menu of artfully plated dishes that changes with the seasons, head into the wild with crisp seaweed crackers, a candied carrot shell filled with orange sea buckthorn foam and Jerusalem artichoke leaves served with a creamy walnut oil and rye vinegar emulsion.



Per Henrik Lings Allé 4, 8., DK-2100 Copenhagen

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