Ikoyi - London

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At Ikoyi you will experience the very first West African fine-dining establishment to earn a Michelin star.

Right off Piccadilly Circus in the centre of London, Ikoyi was named after an affluent district of Lagos. This is the place where Chef Jeremy Chan and his business partner, Iré Hassan-Odukale, chose to introduce West African ingredients, flavours and references into the realm of fine dining.

They created their innovative cuisine based upon the interpretation of mostly unknown ingredients in Europe, such as Grains of Selim and ndolé leaves, in order to invigorate typical British dishes, such as Orkney scallops or wild, Scottish turbot.

With the colourful plates combining bold heat and umami, guests will experience plantains festooned with vividly cerise, dehydrated raspberry powder and a dambu nama, a dried-beef floss set atop a delicate tartlet of whipped bone-marrow pancake and Sun Sweet melon from Mantua, dressed with a crayfish salt, cured beetroot and a fresh walnut oil.


1 St James’s Market,
London SW1Y 4AH
Great Britain


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