Lung King Heen - Hong Kong

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The three-star Cantonese food is served in front of the stunning views of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong’s skyscrapers.

The restaurant Lung King Heen, translated as ‘view of the dragon’, is located in the Four Seasons Hotel and was the first Chinese restaurant to be awarded three Michelin stars: the result of its combination of ground breakingly good food and spectacular views of Victoria Harbour.

Born in Kowloon, chef Chan Yan Tak is a world-renowned master of Cantonese cuisine. His brainchilds are the baked whole abalone puff with diced chicken, a popular dim sum dish that has inspired other restaurants to create their own versions, barbecued suckling pig, braised goose webs with Chinese mushrooms in a casserole, and crispy pork ribs with osmanthus and pear.

Diners should book well in advance for the popular dim sum, which is available only at lunchtime. 

Lung King Heen

8 Finance Street,
Hong Kong,

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