Hertog Jan - Bruges

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It’s not easy to say goodbye.

The 3* star restaurant Hertog Jan in Bruges, has closed this week.

Gert was 26 years old when he started in a small café, alone in the kitchen, while Joachim was dealing with the front house. Within a few years, he became youngest 3 stars chef in Belgium.

Surrounded by friends and family, they closed a chapter this end of the year. The duo will change the interior of Hertog Jan that will remain their “home”, creating an exclusive communal table of 14 seats where Gert will cook all by himself, spontaneously with the ingredients he will find on the market.

Next to that flagship, the team will move casual LESS bistro, in the middle of the city of Brugge, and will create a brasserie, serving Belgian classics such as eels in green and traditional vol-au-vents.


Hertog Jan 

Loppemsestraat 52,
8210 Zedelgem


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