Kadeau - Bornholm

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A place from another galaxy.

For who?

A Scandinavia lover looking for unique experience and setting.

With whom?

His lover, to offer her fresh air and share new sensations together.


On Bornholm island, half an hour’s flight from Copenhagen.

My feeling?

If I had one night left, take me to Kadeau Bornholm…

Nestled on this unique island where time has stopped and where the modern world has not yet invaded the lands, the three young chefs Nicolai, Magnus and Rasmus have managed to create a magical place.

Attached to this land by their roots, these three chefs and friends chose the island where they spent their childhood to establish their first restaurant. Since they opened Kadeau in Copenhagen, where they got their star a few months of opening, they return to Kadeau Bornholm every year during the summer season. Today, Kadeau Bornholm just received its first star…

When I landed at the edge of this wild beach half an hour away from the Danish capital, I closed my eyes, and filled my lungs with the fresh air that reminds me of my childhood at the seaside… I enjoyed that moment out of modern times, where the only sounds I could hear were the waves and birds.

Entering into the white wooden maisonette on the beach, I felt ready to begin the special culinary experience, filled with passion and authenticity.

At the table, the magic began with a fried sweet and sour seaweed, and pink shallots with beef tartare, so delicious that I was licking each fingers to feel each one of its aromas. As amuse-bouches, I discovered then the colors and tastes of an anise flower mixed with chanterelles and blackcurrant leaves.

To follow, the fried shrimps dipped in the herbal mayonnaise, the smoked salmon served with figs dressing, and the mackerel in mushrooms and spring onions juice illustrate the elegant sophistication of this unique restaurant.

Respecting their environment and their values, the 3 talented young men illustrate the new generation of Natural chefs perfectly. They choose local ingredients, mostly from their garden and the island, and cook them with modernity and accuracy.

Nicolai, Magnus and Rasmus have succeeded in creating a magical, simple and elegant place in Kadeau Bornholm. That’s the reason why this small white maisonette on this wild beach became one of my favorite places on earth…

Kadeau Bornholm

Baunevej, 18
3720 Aakirkeby
Tel: +45 56 97 82 50

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