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A fine dining place where tradition is exhausted with subtlety.

For who?

An epicurean looking for excellence.

With whom?

His family for a special occasion.

My feeling ?

Flocons de sel is a precious place. It is one of those where you keep coming back through time to find some forgotten flavors.

Superficial Food lovers may not understand all Emmanuel Renaud’s cuisine, because he excels in some subtlety of which only the very sensitive palates will recognize the elegance.

I would describe its cusine as a timeless, because he does not claim to surf on certain trends or vibes. In his chalet in Megève Mountains, this chef makes exactly what loves, and surprises you?

The Coeur de Boeuf tomatoes surmounted by an icy tomatoes water tile, and the wild mushrooms and coffee take part of the very precise dishes of which each delicious flavour has satisfied my taste buds.

The perfectly soft sweetbreads and the tender and perfectly cooked meet explain perfectly the three stars of this gastronomic gem. Emmanuel Renaud sublimes each element gently, preserving each one of their flavors with constancy and intelligence.

For desert, The chef gathered some herbs and fruits of the garden, with the perfect harmony of a piece of music that we like to listen to until the very the end, as every note is a treat. This gastronomic experience, joining the terroir and the human talent, with a beautiful view on the Mont Blanc, has completely charmed me.

Flocons de sel is a must go, where you will feel the love of a great talented man and his wife for food and authentic sharing.

I love:

  1. To have the apéritif on the terrace, watching the sunset over the mountains;
  2. To feel the soul of this place, where I felt welcomed by passionated people;
  3. To taste the authenticity of all products, dressed up into brilliant culinary creations.

Flocons de Sel

1775, Route du Leutaz
74120 Megève
+33 4 50 21 49 99

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