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You can sleep over in Hiša Franko at the 10-room mansion and wake up in front of the mountains, next to crystal-clear rivers, and discover Slovenia’s still unknown region.


In the western Slovenian countryside with views of green fields and soaring mountains, Hiša Franko is a home steeped in history. Built in 1868, it is purported to be where Ernest Hemingway wrote “A Farewell to Arms”.


This is the place where the entirely self-taught Chef Ana Ros, deeply rooted in her Alpine region, forages apples, chestnuts, and mushrooms from the surroundings while she is collecting berries, cheese and mushrooms from local farmers.


She ferments the seasonal riches herself and inserts them into her personal seasonally changing menus. You might try the sour cream and anchovy mousse with smoked beef marrow, salty lollipops of crusted cheese set in moss- covered wood logs, and raviolis stuffed with Bovski sir sheep’s cheese, bought from the local mountain farmers and kept in a temperature-controlled cheese cellar alongside the wines her husband, Valter, selects.

Hiša Franko

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5222 Kobarid


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