Ultraviolet - Shanghai

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Beyond a taste experience, Paul Pairet offers a journey through the senses tinged with memories of his childhood in Perpignan.


With tumultuous waves and tingling spray on the nostrils, the taste memory combines a flame-burned abalone, while the Beach Boys’ hippie sounds are associated with the simplicity of barbequed cuttlefish and lobster-infused broth.


Then comes the almost candid childlike happiness of a picnic basket served in the heart of a field that reminds us that we had the chance to touch the grass with our feet and hear the purity of the birds.


Throughout the dinner, the team dances and sings with you, in a millimetric cadence over the beating rhythms and popular melodies that upset the excitement of each moment of taste.


We go from the saline environment to the forest with the smell of dead leaves and compositions of mushrooms, the colors of a fire crackling forest woods, the fragrance reflecting the humidity of the undergrowth …


While everything would suggest a probably artificial performance, on the contrary, the chef Paul Pairet connects us to our senses and our emotions and to the multitude of possible dimensions of the world today.




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