Lido 84 - Gardone Riviera

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You will be blown away by Camanini’s signature ‘cacio e pepe’ pasta boiled inside a pig’s bladder while marvelling at the blue tones of Lake Garda.


Six months after its opening Lido 84 was already awarded one Michelin Star. No wonder why: Riccardo Camanini is one of Italy’s most promising talents, bringing the natural flavors out of local produce with innovative methods. The chef has worked with culinary masters, such as Gualtiero Marchesi, and Raymond Blanc, before settling down in this former swimming pool overlooking the Lake Garda shoreline.


In the dining room which is an homage to the 1960’s and the surrounding nature, highlights on the menu include a surreal version of « Cacio e Pepe » rigatoni pasta boiled inside a pig’s bladder, sea and saffran risotto, with pickled mussels and a torta di Rose with Zabaione and Garda Lemons.

Lido 84

Corso Zanardelli, 196,
25083 Gardone Riviera BS,

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